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CAVALRY SKILLS COMPETITION...are you good enough to win the Golden Spur?

INFANTRY 3-ROUNDS-IN-1-MINUTE COMPETITION...are you fast enough to win the Golden Minie Ball?



(click the Shiloh Battlefield Ball for PDF)

Rules and Regulations

All participants are expected to read, understand and adhere to these and other guidelines common to reenacting.


Ignorance will not excuse the infraction.


1.   All participants must check in at Registration between 12 pm Friday and 8 am Saturday.  NOTE: Event Staff WILL NOT be on-site for registration purposes earlier than 12 pm. Understand that this is a City facility, and set-up takes place within the strictures of our agreements with the City. Please let us do our jobs so that we can help you do yours.


2.   ALL horses, donkeys and mules must show their current Coggins report, health certificate, or Interstate Passport.

3.   Participants are expected to remain in period dress between 8am and 6 pm Saturday and between 8am and 4pm Sunday.

4.   All modern equipment, packages or food are to be hidden from public view at all times. 

5.   Cut out sod and remove before digging fire pits. At the close of the event, clean trash out the pits and replace sod. Please do not burn cans, glass or plastic in the fire pits.


6.   Every fire pit MUST have either a pail of water or a fire extinguisher within 15 feet.


7.   Garbage bags will be provided in the Pass Packets to be left at a central collection point on Sunday.


8.   Please leave straw or hay in piles or bales rather than scattered.


9.   Alcohol, illegal substances or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Discoveries will be referred to local law enforcement for immediate action.

10. Vehicles must display the Participant Parking Pass and are to be out of the Camp Area no later than 8:45am Saturday and not allowed back in until after 4:00pm Sunday.

11. Walk-ons will not be allowed due to logistical and security requirements.


1. In the case of a real medical situation, the terms “MEDIC” or “DOCTOR” should be used. For scenario purposes, use the period terms “Steward” or “Surgeon.”

2. No hand-to-hand, individual heroics, suicide charges or flag captures will be tolerated unless SCRIPTED by the EVENT ORGANIZER. Direct aimed fire shall NOT take place. Any individual behaving in an unsafe or unseemly manner will be removed from the field.

3. All weapons MUST be inspected prior to each battle.  Weapons found to be unsafe will be barred from use. 

4.  Fireworks or live ammunition are NOT permitted on the premises.

5. Minimum age to carry a weapon or service an artillery piece is 16. Any participant under 16 MUST have a functional role to be allowed on the battlefield.

6. Scenarios will be strictly adhered to. Any deviation will result in removal of the unit from the field.  

7. No discharge of any firearm before 8:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m., nor in the camps under ANY circumstance.

8. No rank above Captain on the field unless approved prior to event.


9. On the battlefield there should be NO knives, fixed bayonets or drawn rifle rammers.


10.   Artillery rounds should contain ONLY Black Powder. Setting the field on fire by neglecting this rule WILL result in removal from the event and possible fines.